Tripp and activist theologian Robyn Henderson-Espinoza are getting ready for Wild Goose Festival, and #TheologyBeerCamp and luring your to come to both in this episode. Click here to learn more about the Justice camp pre-event for Wild Goose that Robyn is hosting.

In this episode, Robyn shares their take on the Wild Goose Festival, some updates about the Activist Theology book a preview on what they’ve been writing, the heresy of slaveholder Christianity, and re-imagining the prophetic norm for Christianity.

How do we live in those Holy Saturday moments of hopelessness and despair, not knowing if the Resurrection is coming? Where do we locate God when we talk about God? How do we understand evil and salvation in light of events like Charlottesville?

Plus, Robyn answers your questions about activist theology:

  • how can we speak of God in our contemporary context without being associated with the oppressors?
  • what do I do with the colorblind model of discipleship I’ve been handed?
  • how do you learn how to have conversations where a different world is possible?

Get your tickets to #TheologyBeerCamp here. And make sure you sign up for the newly-announced pre-event to beer camp hosted by our friends at Brew Theology!