Jen Hatmaker – blogger, speaker, author, and Austin church planter – is on the podcast as part of our Wild Goose Festival preview.

In this episode, you’ll hear about Jen’s experience of faith growing up conservative, becoming more progressive, being an LGBTQ advocate, becoming a parent and not wanting to pass on a version of faith that is problematic, and what it was like to figure this out in public.

What does good friendship look like for those who are going through a similar process? How do we understand what is holy, what is sacred?

She shares about the process of recognizing the things from the faith she inherited that she wanted to move past, while also thanking those who helped her to do so, discovering the barriers that were at one point invisible, the struggle to take scripture seriously but with a different interpretative lens, on not leaving her faith behind, spiritual fear and your spiritual gut feelings, and why having people in your corner is so important to transformation.