Trigger warning: this episode contains lots of stories about Evangelical youth camp experiences

Tripp sat down with the people behind the new movie, Camp Manna, producer Evan Koons, writer/director Eric Machiela, and writer/director Eric Scott Johnson. Camp Manna, which comes out June 5th, is about Ian Fletcher, a “nonbeliever”, who is shipped off to a backwoods Christian camp, where he is forced to compete in (and survive) a Biblically-themed Olympiad known as the God Games.

They explain why they made the movie, give you some behind-the-scenes stories, why it is important to respect the community you are poking fun at, the different responses to the film, exploring the stereotypes and outsider/insider perspectives, missions trips, conservative Christian youth culture, and the best Gary Busy stories from filming the movie.

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Plus, hear about our movie The Road to Edmond.