This episode was taken from a Facebook live book-release soirée with Donna Bowman and Ryan Newsome to celebrate the release of The Homebrewed Christianity Guide To Being Human.

Donna, Ryan, and Tripp talk about all things human. They discuss anthropology as it relates to gender, science, and death, the tension between a reductive materialism and dualism, the drive for religious people to have an ethical prescription for each situation, the relationship of humans to authority – whether a creator, or institution, or system, Buber and Kierkegaard, the different biblical accounts of what it means to be a human, the problematic relationships that people have with the church because of our inherited and unquestioned anthropology.

  • what does it means to think theologically about what it means to be human?
  • what part of the church’s previous conversations about anthropology we need to leave behind?
  • what is our purpose and function – what are we here for?
  • and how does Jesus figure in to what it means to be human?

Plus, Donna gives some suggestions for films that provoke questions about what it means to be human. And make sure to check out Tripp’s interview with Donna about pussy hats and #MAGA hats…

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