This live podcast was recorded after a Theology Nerd Bootcamp about religion and science. Will Rose and Jeff Pugh joined Tripp for an evening about faith, science, and science fiction. The day-long event covered:

  1. The perceived cultural conflict between religion and science is primarily due to American Evangelicals’ obsession with anti-intellectualism
  2. How Augustine is more progressive when it comes to religion and science dialogue than 98% of Evangelicals
  3. When theological truth is divorced from the scientific account of reality you end up with doctrines that have nothing to do with the world we live in

Now what? Where do we go from here when trying to have healthy conversations about faith and science in congregations? How do we have fruitful dialogue?

Jeff, Will, and Tripp discuss the problem of fundamentalism in both religion and science, what happens when both don’t give accurate accounts of our lived experience, and why it’s easier to exegete comic books and Star Wars movies than scripture. Plus, they talk about Black Panther, Tripp gives a taxonomy of the relationship between religion and science using force sensitive characters in Star Wars, how the force relates to Christ consciousness, and more!

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