Travis McMaken, Associate Professor of Religion at Lindenwood University, is on the podcast not just to talk about Theology Beer Camp, but also his new book, Our God Loves Justice.

It’s a book he wish he would have read when he was an MDiv student, and wants to show people that the current connection between Protestant theology and politics in North America is not the only possible connection. The book is also an introduction to the theology of Helmut Gollwitzer, his fight for justice, his relationship to Karl Barth, and his democratic socialism.

  • why does our current political and theological context in North America need another option?
  • what are the questions we should be taking seriously?
  • should the church be involved in politics?
  • how should we understand instances of violence in politics?
  • what is the role of confessional communities?

Tripp and Travis talk about the connection between conservative Protestant theology and political outcomes, the spirituality of the church as America’s original heresy, the myth of non-political religion, the regulation of speech about God, and the tension between the church being pragmatically and revolutionarily engaged in politics.

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