This week’s theme is wrestling with resurrection, transformation, the ways people are changing the world and when our best intentions go awry.

Amy talks about how she was considering leaving the church and Christianity completely, the ways in which she has changed over the past year, and how resurrection has manifested in her life. Christian talks about resurrection as transformation from potential to actuality, his resurrection agnosticism, and how our wounds can be the site of transformation. They also discuss the response from the students in Parkland, Florida, and the historical parallels to this movement.

Later, Christian interviews Jamie Wright, best known for her blog-turned-book, The Very Worst Missionary, which comes out today! Christian and Jamie talk about how they met, the crazy process of writing a book, about growing up in an atheist and agnostic family and how she ended up going to a synagogue, about wanting to be someone else and finding her identity in Christianity, and what happened when she dissented in her women’s small group.

Jamie also talks about her time as a missionary, the experience of moving to Costa Rica with her family, the decision to be honest about missions work and how hungry many Christians are for people to speak truthfully and honestly about reality. Plus, the top 5 reasons Christian missions suck.

Last, but not least, Recommendations and Fear of the Week are back, and Christian and Amy help us avoid some of the worst words of consolation, support, or advice that we give as people of faith.

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