Dan Koch, musician-turned-podcaster and host of the Reconstruct podcast, is on to talk about the second season of the Depolarize! podcast.

After throwing shade at former CCM bands who also have their own podcast, they talk about the silent partner behind the Depolarize podcast – The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt, his ambitions to stop the Trump event, why the continued support of Trump is arguably much more dangerous than a one-time election, and what has changed between season 1 and season 2 of Depolarize.

Is there a sickness in white evangelicalism today that has to do with:

  • political power?
  • eroded confidence in institutions that deserve confidence?
  • a persecution complex that ignores the actual suffering of persecuted people?

Plus, what lessons Dan hopes the Depolarize! project will teach, the best ways to resist Trump, why cultivating mindfulness practices is vital, why you can’t just rely on those who already agree with you to affect political change, and the burden of individually interpreting the world and scripture and the anxiety that creates.

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