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JC (Just Catherine) Keller is back on the podcast to talk about her book, Intercarnations: Exercises in Theological Possibility.

Catherine and Tripp talk about:

  • The possibilities for theology today
  • What is Christ Inc. and how has christology been short-circuited from its intercarnational possibilities?
  • How does theopoetics reframe the christological quest?
  • How do we make theopoetics inviting to the non-specialist?
  • What would a process-relational liturgy look like?

Plus, hear Catherine talk about issues of exceptionalism – religious, political, racial, species – in our theology, the christological problem, liberating incarnation from corporations, the role of substance metaphysics in christology and where it falls short, and the ways unexamined interpretations impose themselves on bodies, and the secularization of right-wing Christianity, the Eucharist as hyper-gift, and anxieties surrounding our ethical responsibilities.