And now for something completely different.

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Sean McDowell, Associate Professor in the Christian Apologetics program at Biola University, and son of Josh McDowell, is on to talk about the newly revised and updated Evidence that Demands a Verdict.

Sean and Tripp talk about a lot things, including:

  • What it’s like being the son of someone everyone knows, and to be a part of the new edition of Evidence that Demands a Verdict
  • What the biggest doubts in his own life were and what made him question his father’s work
  • The difference between an intellectual assent and gut-level response to faith
  • The experience of God and the role that evidence plays in talking about that
  • What are the main reasons not everyone finds Christianity as obviously true?
  • How do you differentiate what was part of the historical setting of the Bible from our current cultural context?

Plus, Sean talks about role-playing an atheist, the confrontational tone of the title, the cultural shifts that have taken place between the first edition and this one, relating to other parts of the church who don’t agree with him, the ways in which the Enlightenment has shaped this conversation, issues of sexuality in the Bible and the early church and the changing role of women in scripture.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Resident Aliens, Emmaus Way is hosting this live podcast with featured guests
Stanley Hauerwas & William Willimon. Tripp, along with the Crackers and Grape Juice podcast, will be engaging Resident Aliens, and interviewing Stanley and William. 

There will be live music, fresh brews, nerdiness, and more! Click here for tickets and more information.