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Jack Caputo is back and gives us 5 reasons to go Derrida:

1. Derrida give you the best argument against fundamentalism
2. It also is the best argument against modernism, including the new atheists, and reductionism
3. The undeconstructable, or unconditional, which is not a Platonic ideal, but a hope, an expectation.
4. Binary oppositions are deconstructable
5. The pervasive presence of biblical motifs in Derrida’s work

Jack also explains his relationship to Derrida and his work, how Derrida’s atheism was not the end of theology but the beginning of a new, more interesting post-theistic theology, whether Derrida is to blame for post-modernism, why absolutists are much scarier than relativists, and why post-modernism is neither absolutism nor relativism,

Plus, he tackles fundamentalism, the new atheists, Trump, and the distinction between beliefs and a deeper faith. Books mentioned:

Hoping Against Hope, The Folly of God, On Religion, Deconstruction in a Nutshell

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