These are the highlights from a live podcast in Atlanta with faculty from the McAfee School of Theology.

Up first, Graham Walker and Tripp talk about their mutual friendship with “cowboy theologian” Frank Tupper (and share some great stories), that moment when the struggles of faith and life animated the tradition he inherited, living in the Philippines, and how his Baptist identity has changed.

Then, biblical scholar Dr. Garber, talks about his geek conversion story, the lack of one cultural meta-narrative, the power of story and myth, re-imagining the world using geek culture, and how the religious questions of the past are being asked not by the church, but by popular culture.

Plus questions for biblical scholars Dr. Slater and Dr. Holmes: how does the text become sacred again after encountering academic criticism? at what point in your life did scripture become something worth studying? what questions do you hope linger with your students?

Dr. Nash and Nikki Hardeman help us think about making sense of the changing ministerial vocation economically, culturally, and ecclesiologically. And they share how their own piety shifted after being involved in the lives of the students they work with.

Finally, “The World’s Most Interesting Ethics Professor” – David Gushee – and Dean Jeff Willetts play a game of au contraire mon frère.

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