Keith Ward is back on the podcast to talk a little about his new book, Love Is His Meaning: Understanding The Teaching Of Jesus. In the book, Keith wrestles with the teachings of Jesus in a non-literal way, and looks to interpret the teachings of Jesus consistently throughout.

In this episode he talks about his relationship with scripture and how it’s changed over the years, his unusual route from philosophy to Christianity, which teachings of Jesus we should take seriously but not literally, the relationship between the bible as a historical text and as a sacred text, and the canonized diversity of Christianity. He also tackles:

  • * What does a reductive, materialistic, scientific account miss when talking about creation?
  • * How did the biblical prophets change biblical religion?
  • * How are we supposed to understand the Kingdom of God that Jesus teaches?
  • * What would it mean to be priests of the earth?
  • * What is scripture’s role when discussing contemporary issues of ethics and morality?
  • * How much are we bound by Jesus’ teachings and life?

Plus, the problem of evil and suffering and how science can help Christians with this, the centrality of God’s unlimited divine love and why it’s essential to the New Testament’s testimony to God.

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