John Dominic Crossan – the fifth guest ever on the podcast – is back for his sixth visit to talk about his new book Resurrecting Easter

Hear about the genesis of a book about the resurrection, or rather, how a curiosity about an image of Jesus turned into this book, and how Eastern Christianity’s image of Easter differs radically from the Western tradition of Easter.

Individual Resurrection vs. Universal Resurrection:

  • which of these images is in greater continuity with the New Testament?
  • and what is the meaning of it?
  • how does a universal resurrection impact understandings of God’s relationship to the person of Jesus and the world?

Hear how his approach to questions about the resurrection has changed over time – whether the resurrection was literal or metaphorical – and how that blocked questions of meaning, the difference between ascension and resurrection in Judaism, Paul’s re-reading of the resurrection of the dead, the political implications of resurrection, and why Christians should take evolution seriously.

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