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This special edition of the CultureCast is from the first live session of Surviving the Bible for Lent, with Homebrewed Christianity’s Tripp Fuller. Tripp, Christian, and Amy take a look at the texts for the second Sunday in Lent (Mark 8:31-38; Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16; Romans 4:13-25) plus a brief look at last week’s texts. They talk about the Transfiguration, Peter as object lesson, the willing surrender of control, and Christus Victor.

  • can we reconcile a Christus Victor christology with a willingly vulnerable God/Christ?
  • what does it mean to call Jesus the Christ?
  • was Jesus really tempted?

They also cover the ways these texts have been used to justify suffering, oppression, and abuse, the covenant between God and Abraham, the genesis of the Genesis passage, how the mistranslation of one of the proper names of God radically changes our understanding of the passage, and the importance of the maternal lineage and parental role of God in these passages.

Plus everyone wrestles with Paul about the difference between Law and Covenant

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If you want to join the Surviving the Bible for Lent group, it’s not too late!

Sure, we all know Bible verses and may have even tried to read the “whole Bible,” maybe even more than once. But it can be confusing, contradictory and – if we’re being honest – really freaking boring in places. But there’s another way to approach scripture that can actually make sense, and might even be enjoyable.

Join the CultureCast’s Amy and Christian Piatt, along with Tripp, in figuring out how to “Survive the Bible” together this Lent.