Will Rose, mega nerd and Lutheran minister at Holy Trinity Lutheran in Chapel Hill stopped by the Homebrewed Studio to talk about theology, culture, and geekdom. Plus, the whole second half of the interview is an in-depth look at the latest Star Wars films (spoiler alert).

Will talks a little bit about a grant his church has to help model healthy conversations about religion and science, his first love in the geek world, the connections between being a minister and geek culture, why he started the “God Loves Geeks” bookclub and the questions driving it, officiating a cosplay wedding, and larping…

  • Why are we better at exegeting comic books and movies than scripture?
  • Why can’t we approach scripture the same way we approach comics?

Plus, how he is helping people practice good conversations around graphic novels, comics, and movies, and carrying that over to scripture, the reason we are so drawn to stories, and the importance of shared narratives.

Make sure to join Will, Tripp, and Jeffrey Pugh for a Theology Nerd Bootcamp and Live Podcast on why God loves science on March 2nd at Holy Trinity Lutheran. Over the course of this 1-day theology bootcamp you will be introduced to the dialogue between religion and science. We will explore the key themes and questions with a goal of not simply unpacking the content, but empowering the participants to do the same in their own context

Topics include: the reality of God, divine action, evolution, science of spirituality, technology, and more!

And if you can’t make the day-long event, make sure you come to the live podcast: Why God Loves Science Fiction!


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