Tripp Fuller, from the Homebrewed Christianity podcast, join Amy and Christian to extend a warm invitation to join the Surviving the Bible for Lent community.

For a lot of us these texts have been used as weapons, experienced as burdens, so let’s acknowledge that together and discover what it looks like to survive the bible today. If you’re interested in thinking about scripture in a new and different way, this is the group for you.

Amy, Christian and Tripp will answer your questions about the bible (or how to survive reading the Bible) every Monday through Friday throughout Lent. Once a week, all three will do a live video talking about the lectionary texts for that week. Plus, you’ll also have access to a community of people where you can connect with others who have similar ideas and questions. 

One of the unique aspects of this group is that the responses and questions are happening in real time, not something pre-packaged and devoid of context. The video reflections and live streams will not just be answering your questions about reading the Bible, but will be addressing and engaging what’s going on in world politically, culturally, religiously, etc.

So go to and join today.