Michael Collins is back on the CultureCast to talk about net neutrality and cyber ethics. Who will feel the effects of the repeal of net neutrality the most? Is there an ethical argument against net neutrality? Will the end of net neutrality bring with it the censorship of internet content?

Plus, Amy and Christian discuss how the internet is changing family dynamics and creating new and unique challenges for raising children.

They also tackle Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House and ask if we should even consider reading it. Will it heal or elevate the moral consciousness of our country? Or is it just more political gossip and palace intrigue? Related to this is the latest Ask the Pastor and the Caster question, where Christian and Amy talk about what it means to be one in Christ.

Also mentioned: 5 Things That Are Better Now Because of TrumpSarah Silverman’s master class in compassion.

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