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Amy and Christian are not talking about anything serious on this week’s episode. Well, they try not to. Christian talk to Dana Trent, author of For Sabbath’s Sake: Embracing Your Need For Rest, Worship, and CommunityIs the Sabbath just something we’re supposed to give to God? Where does personal rest come into play? Hear about Dana’s q-tip moment (and what that is), the need for balance, and our tendency to be in denial,

Isn’t Sabbath just another thing to do? How can Sabbath be a form a worship? How do we actually build a community from rest?

Hear Dana talk about how to make your own Sabbath plan and 3 steps to help you begin. Make sure to follow Dana on twitter, Facebook, and at her website jdanatrent.com

Later, Amy and Christian ask, are we raising little fascists? How powerful is the content our children are consuming? Has our culture become obsessed with good guys, bad guys, and rigid consequences?

Plus our very first “ask the pastor and the caster” segment, and obligatory gift-giving, politics of gift-giving, and gift-giving disasters stories.

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