Get ready to Advent and chill.

Tripp heads to Christ the King Lutheran Church in Cary, North Carolina and is joined by Will Rose and Daniel Pugh to talk about the theological significance of cosplay and comic books, the virgin birth and incarnation, and of course, making Advent great again.

They tackle some questions from the Make Advent Great Again pop-up community, such as:

  • What is advent anyway?
  • What are we supposed to do with the virgin birth stuff?
  • Is Advent apocalyptic?

Plus, they discuss the inherent tension we feel in Advent, how to actively hope, the importance of the prophets this time of year, the unexpected ways God enters the world, the ways the gospel narratives subvert imperial narratives through the virgin birth story, how to redeem words that creep out progressive Christians, and how the new Star Wars movie and Advent are connected.

    So calm down, chill, and make your Advent great again.

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