Christian and Amy go through the Acts of Mercy (Matt. 25) and give the country a grade for our efforts in food and nutrition, clean water access, affordable housing, homelessness, health care, prison reform, and immigration. How would Jesus say we’re doing? Are we living into the things Jesus calls us to? Plus, a look at the 7 words and phrases the CDC is banned from using, and will 2018 be the year of women?

Christian got to hang out with John Burnett, national immigration correspondent for NPR, and



do an in-person interview about his day-to-day work as an immigration correspondent, how covering this presidency differs from the last, how the perception has changed among immigrants, and the implications of Trump’s immigration policy both within and without of the country. Plus DACA, sanctuary cities, and a look at undocumented immigrants and their relation to jobs and crime in the US. Does moving undocumented immigrants out of US cities make them safer? Does it mean less competition for jobs?

PLUS, you’ll get to hear about a brand new podcast coming in the new year. A weekly podcast called, you guessed it, Surviving the Bible, breaking down the weekly passages for pastors, small groups, or just for people who want a fresh way of looking at the Bible.

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