Was Saint Nick white? Did Saint Nick really slap Arius at the Council of Nicea? Whose side would Saint Nick take in the war on Christmas?

This is an all Saint Nick barrel-aged episode with Adam English. Learn about the historical St. Nick, the person behind the myths and legends and the confusion surrounding him, how he challenged systems of oppression, a brief history of Catholic social teachings, and how St. Nick provides the best model for the Christmas season.

Adam talks about the types of practical questions the christological heart of St. Nick poses to the church in the Christmas season, the ways we edit not just the historical person of St. Nick, but also the incarnation and birth narratives of Jesus to make them more palatable for our contemporary society, and he asks: do we need to get rid of Christmas to save it? or do we just give in and remove any vestige of Christ from Christmas? Plus, Tripp and Adam talk about how to negotiate (especially for parents) the history and myth of St. Nick while also preserving the mystery.

If you’re interested in reading more (and some excellent stocking stuffers) check out these books by Adam:

The Saint Who Would Be Santa Claus, and Christmas: Theological Anticipations

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