Rev. Dr. Christopher Rodkey, the sermonizer of radical theology, is back to talk about Advent, radical theology, and church planting.

Make sure to check out the Coloring Advent coloring book with Jesse and Natalie Turri (also Coloring Lent). Christopher talks with Tripp about why they made an Advent coloring book, what led to its development, and what the process of creating a theological coloring book was like.

Christopher also talks about how a radical theologian approaches Advent, the centrality of incarnation and kenosis, and how they are in contrast to the more commercialized approach to Advent. Tripp and Christopher also talk about:

  • the political aspects of Advent,
  • what is it that we are lamenting when we talk about the secularization of Christmas?
  • did the Grinch become Christian?
  • preaching Advent

The conversation also touches on Christopher’s experiment with church planting within a church, rethinking adult VBS, and using biblical hermeneutics as a way of approaching the world. He gets really practical, gives a ton of great advice for seminarians, pastors, and all people who care about the future of the church. Plus you’ll get to hear about his passion project, The Radical theology Handbook.

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And if you really want to make your advent great, join Tripp, Diana Butler Bass, and the folks from Crackers and Grape Juice in Washington DC on December 16th. You can get tickets and learn more here.