What does it mean when we send a citizen away to fight for their country? Can we still be proud to be an American? Do we make our leaders into saviors?

In this episode, Christian and Amy talk about national pride, how it has changed, what it looks like, where the trends are headed, and what to do about it. Christian also talks with Martha Raddatz, chief global affairs correspondent for ABC news and author of The Long Road Home. They discuss the impact of war not just on the soldiers, but on the often overlooked families of soldiers, the personal toll that covering war can have, and the difficult journalistic decisions about how to show the realities of war.

Plus, a look at the growing number of celebrities, public figures, and powerful men being accused of sexual misconduct, the article A Slow Burn: Why Matt Lauer Got Fired but Trump is Still President by Erin Wathen, and what we can and should do about all of this.

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