Get ready for a super nerdy, no holds barred podcast with Philip Clayton, Ingraham Professor of Theology at the Claremont School of Theology. This is the first time that Philip has been on since Tripp finished his PhD (Philip was his adviser), and now that the power dynamic has shifted, they can tell each other what they really think.

You’ll get to hear a little unfiltered conversation about Tripp’s dissertation, the historical, existential, and metaphysical registers of Christ and God, the things about Tripp’s dissertation that surprised himself, our cultural phobia surrounding saying the word God, Pannenberg’s existential approach to Christianity, and what verse in the bible Philip knew couldn’t be true. Plus:

  • Tillich, language, and symbols
  • the presence (or lack) of a tradition to draw upon
  • and the intersection of Whiteheadian aesthetics, embodiment, and ethics.

Can a process theologian be an Evangelical with a high christology? Does God win in the end? Do you need to have a complete eschatology to have a persuasive Christianity? Is it possible take both historical criticism and special revelation seriously? Is God personal and does God have a personality?

All of these topics are fair game in this Q&A session.

If you are in North Carolina, you better get ready for two back-to-back live podcasts in December. On December 7th Tripp will be at Wake Forest University School of Divinity talking with Bill Leonard (author of the Homebrewed Guide to Church History) and on December 8th he will be in Cary, NC.

If you really want to make your advent great, join Tripp, Diana Butler Bass, and the folks from Crackers and Grape Juice in Washington DC on December 16th. You can get tickets and learn more here.