Back by popular demand, Robyn Henderson-Espinoza sits down to talk with Tripp about Thanksgiving, the theology of nostalgia, and the politics of wholeness. They discuss:

  • the postwar origins of Thanksgiving
  • how do we reconcile the Christian rhetoric of gratitude and the founding of our country on the genocide of indigenous peoples
  • appropriate (and inappropriate) holiday costumes for children
  • what did the first thanksgiving look like? do we really know that story?
  • the bad theology of nostalgia and the bad politics of wholeness
  • how to develop practices of togetherness

Plus, Robyn and Tripp talk about a cool new #goactivisttheology project you won’t want to miss.


If you are also in North Carolina, you better get ready for two back-to-back live podcasts in December. On December 7th Tripp will be at Wake Forest University School of Divinity talking with Bill Leonard (author of the Homebrewed Guide to Church History) and on December 8th he will be in Cary, NC.

If you really want to make your advent great, join Tripp, Diana Butler Bass, and the folks from Crackers and Grape Juice in Washington DC on December 16th. You can get tickets and learn more here.