Mark Galli, author of Karl Barth: An Introductory Biography for Evangelicals, and editor-in-chief for Christianity Today, is on the podcast to talk about Karl Barth, Evangelicalism in America, and homebrewing.

You’ll hear him discuss how he became editor-in-chief of Christianity Today, the role of Christianity Today in American religion, and the cultural, political, and religious levels of meaning for the term “Evangelical.”

Mark tells a story about his encounter with Barth in a coffee shop in Santa Cruz, and the origins of the book. Plus the themes and ideas in Barth’s work that are controversial for Evangelicals, and what Barth most has to offer Evangelicals.

This conversation goes way beyond the topics of the book and include:

  • Barth’s respect and friendship with theologians with whom he deeply disagreed
  • the polarization of American politics and religion
  • Barth’s reinterpretation of the reformed tradition and his view on the doctrine of election
  • Rob Bell and the task of preaching
  • the increased Evangelical support of Trump
  • the superiority of democratic socialism for bible believing Christians
  • whether we can (and should) separate the theology from the theologian, that is, their personal behavior and what they peach,
  • and boundary markers for Evangelicals

And don’t miss some nerdy homebrewing conversation at the end. You can learn more about Mark’s work by visiting:

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