Mike Morrell (co-author of The Divine Dance with Richard Rohr) and John Pavlovitz (author of A Bigger Table) sat down with Tripp to talk about making Advent great (again).

Why do they want to make Advent great again? What’s happened to make Advent not great?

Learn a little bit about the organizers behind #MAGA (not that MAGA), what inspired them to make Advent great again, and what you can expect.

Plus, they reflect on the 2016 election a year later, where they find hope, the fate of the progressive church, and personal challenges around the holidays.

Make Advent Great Again is a pop-up community for holiday resistance and renewal.

We’ve heard a lot from our friends this season – Jesus-followers and spiritual free-agents, activists and artists, ministers and moms – that you just can’t this Christmas: shopping for gifts, making plans to see family, lighting the Advent candles, awaiting the birth of the Christ-child anew. It all feels so remote.Many of us are struggling. What on earth does ‘Emmanuel’ mean when the world’s going mad?

We’ll give you daily reflections that plant potent seeds of hope to counter the weeds of that Grinch-ly other #MAGA. We’re offering a weekly check-in video that you can tune into live (or whenever you want) where we’ll cover:

  • Mother Mary and Us: Recovering a Radical Christmas of Renewal & Resistance
  • How to Go Home for the Holidays without Losing Your Soul
  • Grounding in the Ultimate Gift: The Advent of Us
  • We’re providing a private, safer-space discussion group where we can be totally honest about our struggles and breakthroughs. A ‘home base’ to truly Make Advent Great Again, one day at a time

The cost? Contribute whatever you can to help make this possible for everyone. The suggested donation is $20, but no one is turned down for lack of funds.

Click here to make your Advent great again and see the list of contributors.