It’s time to Make Advent Great Again!

That’s what John, Mike and I were discussing over coffee a couple weeks ago when we had this idea for an online pop-up community. We agreed it wasn’t a horrible idea, emailed a bunch of our friends and can’t believe all the voices and thoughts we are collecting to share with you over advent!

While the Religious Right is once again gearing up its theatrics about a made-up “War on Christmas,” you’ve been waking up to the reality that education cutbacks, healthcare decimation, immigrant intimidation, war agitating, and the reality televisionification of our politics and cultural discourse amount to nothing less than a War on Advent.

Advent, a word we often don’t even hear any more: the often-overlooked season preceding Christmas, where the open-hearted, empty-handed friends of God have recognized for millennia that when all is bleakest, this is precisely when we let go of our burdens and wait. Spiritual and cultural ideals have been hijacked this season by many politicians and preachers who want to “Make America Great Again.” But there’s an alternative. With the help of a bunch of friends we are creating a pop-up community – to help each other Make Advent Great Again.

Here’s what we are planning to do. We will be bringing you daily reflections that plant potent seeds of hope to counter the weeds of that Grinch-ly other MAGA. We’re offering a weekly check-in video that you can tune into live (or whenever you want) where we’ll cover:

  • Mother Mary and Us: Recovering a Radical Christmas of Renewal & Resistance
  • How to Go Home for the Holidays without Losing Your Soul
  • Grounding in the Ultimate Gift: The Advent of Us
  • We’re providing a private, safer-space discussion group where we can be totally honest about our struggles and breakthroughs. A ‘home base’ to truly Make Advent Great Again, one day at a time

Any one and everyone can join. For more details and to sign up head over to the MAGA page.