Things are gonna get feisty and something may even bubble up in your soul.

Robyn Henderson-Espinoza is on the podcast today talking activist theology. Not only is Robyn a PhD in constructive philosophical theology and ethics, a queer activist, a public theologian – Robyn is the activist theologian. #GoActivistTheology

In this episode Robyn and Tripp ask

  • how can we, in both the church and activist communities, be one and not the same at the same time?
  • how are norms are driving our values and the logic of dominance?
  • is there a way to build a bridge between white, liberal progressives and radical revolutionaries?

Robyn talks about being in Charlottesville and Berkeley, white fragility, intersectionality, and their upcoming book on activist theology. Plus, Tripp and Robyn talk about the beer scene in the US, the politics of radical difference and IPAs, and the potential for beer to become another arm of empire!

Robyn suggests checking out Antonia Gramsci and the Question of Religion: Ideology, Ethics, and Hegemony and Resistance Guide: How to Sustain the Movement to Win. You can learn more about Robyn and their work at and on twitter.

Tripp has some awesome, zesty, activist theology goodies he is dying to share. Share this episode using #GoActivistTheology and it could be you…

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