In this episode, we are talking about the new film, I’ll Push You, a documentary about two friends – Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray – as they travel across El Camino de Santiago. While on its face, this is a story about a spiritual pilgrimage, it is also a story about so much more: friendship, community, pain, and joy.

Up first, Tripp talks with Ryan Parker about how he found out about the film, why this documentary is very different from most, and the shortcomings of most faith-based films. Tripp shares his favorite moments, how he’d use the movie for a high school youth retreat, and why he likens it to the Lord of the Rings.

Plus, the threat of social media and online spaces replacing in-person gatherings, what gift the church can offer in light of that, the temptations we face in a faith community, and the importance of friendship in the gospel.

Then, Nathan interviews Justin, Patrick, and director Terry Parish. Click here to watch the trailer, and check out if there will be a screening of the film (on November 2nd) in a theater near you.