Will our connections be our salvation? Or our destruction?

In this Homebrewed CultureCast episode, Christian and Amy explore:

  • how we are bound together by trauma, silence, and genetics
  • the connection between neutron stars, gravitational waves, and Christian’s wedding ring
  • difference and balance between cultural appropriation and respectful connection

Christian talks with AJ Jacobs, author of The Year of Living Biblically, is back on to talk about his latest book, It’s All Relative, the world’s biggest family reunion, the dangers of genealogy and an obsession with genetics, why we should’t idealize our ancestors, embracing failure, how our tribal bias plays a role in situations of abuse, and AJ asks: should “the family” be abolished?

Plus, Harvey Weinstein, #metoo, sexual abuse in and out of the church, and the culture of silence surrounding abuse.

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