Steven Knapp, (recently) former president of George Washington University, long time friend and collaborator with Philip Clayton, scholar of literature, Romanticism, and literary theory is on the podcast. While Steven has been a part of many podcast related events, this is his first solo interview.

In it, he’ll share about his intellectual and spiritual journey, his cross-disciplinary career in the academy and church, how the political tumult in the late 60s and early 70s, long nights reading German philosophers, and an Advent sermon on Bonhoeffer reignited his faith. He describes his conversion experience, which occurred while reading Kierkegaard, and how an interest in Pannenberg brought together Steven and Phil and sparked their future work on the relationship between rational inquiry, science, and the Christian tradition, ultimately leading to The Predicament of Belief

Steven and Tripp also discuss how literary criticism and the postmodern movements of deconstruction have positively and negatively shaped the discourse surrounding theological reflection and higher education, the specialization of academia, the crisis in the humanities and in the church and how the dissolution of the canon is connected to that, how and why students are more religiously engaged today. Free speech and safe space issues, the mischaracterization of millennials, the challenges of financing higher education, and Steven’s advice for those thinking about pursuing higher education are all part of this nerdy episode.

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It’s the 500th Birthday of the Protestant Reformation and we are gonna have a podcast party!
The Homebrewed Christianity Podcast is partnering with friends at Christ the King Lutheran Church in Cary to put on a live podcast to celebrate the 500th Birthday for the Reformation. We will get nerdy with a couple religion Professors from Campbell University, be inspired by some Lutheran Ministers, and get hydrated with local craft beer. After talking it up we will sing it out with some old school hymns. Nothing says “Happy Birthday” in the style of Luther like getting nerdy, having a beer, and singing with friends. Hope to see you there!

In November, there will be a special screening of Morgan Freeman’s new National Geographic series The Story of Us at Meyers Park Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC. Don’t miss it!

Tripp’s recommendation for the week: Thomas Jay Oord’s latest project, Theologians and Philosophers Using Social Media.