British philosopher, theologian, priest, scholar, fellow of the British Academy, former professor at Oxford, Keith Ward is back on the podcast talking about his new book, The Christian Idea of God

Hear how Keith ended up writing theology, why he thinks philosophy of religion and theology end up being the same thing, and what exactly theology is anyway.

This is a very comprehensive interview. Tripp and Keith cover just about every Christian doctrine you can think of. You’ll also hear Keith discuss the reasons we have problems talking about God today, why he argues for personal idealism and what exactly that means, the problem of consciousness, issues around value, morality, and where they come from, the relationship of God and the world, how God is present and acting in the cosmos, and much, much more.

Plus, Tripp talks about his top 5 Keith Ward books (Christ and the Cosmos; Rethinking Christianity; God and the Philosophers; The Case for Religion; Why There is Almost Certainly a God).

It’s the 500th Birthday of the Protestant Reformation and we are gonna have a podcast party!
The Homebrewed Christianity Podcast is partnering with friends at Christ the King Lutheran Church in Cary to put on a live podcast to celebrate the 500th Birthday for the Reformation. We will get nerdy with a couple religion Professors from Campbell University, be inspired by some Lutheran Ministers, and get hydrated with local craft beer. After talking it up we will sing it out with some old school hymns. Nothing says “Happy Birthday” in the style of Luther like getting nerdy, having a beer, and singing with friends. Click here for tickets!

And don’t miss a special screen and post-screening Q&A about the new Morgan Freeman show on National Geographic, The Story of Us. We will be at Meyers Park Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC on November 10th.