Our nation is founded on the principle of placing central in our value system, “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” But sometimes one negatively affects the other. Also, being “pro life” can mean so much more than most people assume.

We discuss Diana Butler Bass’ recent claim that maybe church has reached a necessary end of its life cycle and what she says we should do. Then in the interview, activist, author and theologian Jeff Hood lays out a biblical case for abolishing the death penalty and shares chilling moments when his threshold for mercy have been challenged.

Most people can use the Bible, and maybe even the Constitution, to defend their position on everything from abortion and the environment to guns and health care. But where does the Gospel stand on these issues, and is there ever a gospel-centered argument for killing?

We also call out churches to stand up and speak out on issues like these that matter, recommend stuff Amy can’t pronounce and we share a fear with some senate republicans.

You heard me. Come get it.