This episode is a doozy.

This live podcast is from the ReKnew conference in St. Paul, where #teamprocess (represented by Tripp) and #teamopentheism (represented by Greg Boyd) throwdown in a winner-take-all theological rumble. Over 300 people packed into an Irish pub to experience the theology nerd battle. Rachel Held Evans and Tony Jones were the moderators to make sure things didn’t get too out of hand.

This Oxford style (ish) debate will satisfy all of your nerdy cravings. PLUS, don’t miss a preach-off between Tripp and Greg at the end.

Get your copy of Greg’s newest book, Cross Vision, here. It’s perfect for a small group!

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And here are Tripp’s 3 recommendations: C. Robert Mesle’s intro to process theology; the movie Marshall; Brad Artson’s podcast