This is the bible-thumping episode of Homebrewed.

You’ll get to hear all the back story for the Bibliotheca kickstarter, plus we’ll talk about the aesthetic engagement of the printed word, typography, the changing and transformative engagement with scripture – especially if you grew up being told it was the rule book, the book with all the answers – to reading it as literature.

Adam Lewis Greene joined Tripp and Nathanael to talk about the desire do something like Bibliotheca, aesthetics, the challenges of running a kickstarter as successful as this one, how you can tell a high quality book, translation decisions, and some of the controversy surrounding the project.

Tripp fully endorses the Bibliotheca translation, and highly recommends it for doing lectio divina. For 15% off an entire order, use the code BREW15 (for a limited time). You can get a set (or two) here: