I can’t believe this is the 1000th podcast episode from Homebrewed Christianity! I just get pumped thinking about all the nerdy fun that we’ve had over the hours of audiological goodness.

This special episode was recorded live at the Wild Goose Festival in North Carolina. The Wild Goose Festival is a special experience for me each year and often serves as a ‘family reunion’ of sorts for the podcast. Over the course of the episode you will hear from Christian Piatt, Kristen Howerton, Micky ScottBey Jones, Robyn Henderson Espinoza, and Julian Deshazier (AKA JKwest). It is the combination of two different shows from the WGF MainStage.


Get ready for another 1000 episodes.

Ohh and since 2018 is Homebrewed Christianity’s 10th Birthday, we may be having a seriously zesty party. Be on the look out!