Ted Vial is on the podcast to talk about his new book, Modern Religion, Modern RaceTed is Professor of Theology and Modern Western Religious Thought at the Iliff School of Theology in Denver. Iliff is one of the sponsors for #theologybeercamp in Denver this August 18th-19th (get your tickets here). In his book, Ted talks about why everything that is going on today is based on 19th century German philosophy.

  • What is the difference between religious studies and theology?
  • What is modern religion?
  • How should we understand and engage non-Western religions?
  • Why Schleiermacher was so influential and how his work shows up today
  • How the 19th century shaped our identity in the modern world, including race
  • The role of theological anthropology

Your faith is not based on right beliefs, but is based on being part of the Christian community: “your religious experience is formed by the community of which you are a member.”


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