Alfred North Whitehead might be gone, but John Cobb isn’t! JC has kindly given ten different principles that characterize Whiteheadian thinking today. So if you were wondering what Whitehead might be thinking after modernity then here are ten treats!

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“What 10 principles characterize Whiteheadian thinking in 2017?”

  1. Question the assumptions of your community, your society, your religion, your science, your educational institutions, especially those that are rarely mentioned.
  2. Question the dominant media, asking who controls it and what they want you to think.
  3. Recognize that a serious answer to any important question brings into view lots of other questions.
  4. When people appeal to mystery, consider that it may be mystification.  Push critical thought as far as you can.
  5. Recognize that the wider the range of influences on an event or person that you consider, the better you understand that event of person.
  6. Recognize that the broader your consideration of the context and of the likely consequences of your action, the better the chance that you will make the right choice.
  7. Realize that all your ideas and values are influenced by your particular situation, but refuse to conclude that for this reason they can be dismissed as merely “relative.”
  8. Recognize that there may be no actions that are completely harmless, but do not let that prevent you from acting decisively.
  9. Understand that compassion is the most basic aspect of our experience, and seek to liberate and extend your compassion to all with which you come in contact.
  10. Deepen your commitments to your own immediate communities, but always remember that other communities make similar demands on their members.  Let your ultimate commitment be all-inclusive.