this is NOT the good Dr. Kirk

The good Doctor Daniel Kirk is on a road trip across the country with Clan Kirk, but no need to fear your Lectiocast is still here! It is an honor to fill in for Daniel and talk some lectionary goodness. We will see how long it takes before Daniel quits his trip and gets me off the show, but for now I am excited.

During the podcast I discuss the four lectionary texts for the week and the questions I imagine inspiring my sermonizing…if I was still working in a pulpit.

For each of the texts I pulled out some questions that could drive a sermon. Here’s a few of them.

Matthew 28:16-20
* Where is Galilee today?
* Does our worship hold space for doubt?
* What kind of disciples are we making?
* Where is God with us now?
* What is the church’s relationship to the kin-dom?
Psalm 8
* How does the world become creation?
* What are the habits and boundaries that structure space for creativity?
* God-spotting.
* Eco-stewardship
Genesis 1:1-2:4a
* Go Keller
* Don’t conquer chaos, it’s where the spirit-filled living happens.