“Lament is the antidote of denial.” – Walter Brueggemann

This episode Tripp and Nathan talk to Erin Schendzielos about new project her and the Shelter50 Publishing Collective are working on with Walter Brueggemann – Antidote: Interruptions of Lament and of New Originary Stirrings. This project was inspired by the Adult VBS Walter did at the Hatchery last summer (you can enter to win the audio from all 5 sessions plus over $200 worth of Brueggemann books here) and by his book Reality, Grief, Hope: Three Urgent Prophetic TasksThe ides is to honor him and all of his amazing work by having theologians, poets, musicians, artists, academics, lay people, etc., respond to a chapter  either through prose, poem, song, art, etc., and compile the responses in a book. Erin and Shelter50 did a similar project with an essay by John Caputo called It Spooks: Living in Response to an Unheard Call.

This is part of the “on the porch” series: an extended and vulnerable dialogue among friends sharing zesty craft beverages. It is one way of living out the very theory Brueggemann talked about that inspired Erin in the first place – out loud grief work done together as the antidote to the denial of reality. You’ll get to hear a little bit more about Erin, her story, what inspired her to pursue theology and begin a project like Shelter50.

Shelter50 is the name of a former space where innovation, imagination, & interrogation merged. It was a physical place of hospitality which invited people to explore the ways we manifest in the world and to investigate the ways our beliefs function in our lives. It was a space which hosted a wide variety of experiences aimed at bringing people together in meaningful & transformative ways. Shelter50 Publishing Collective (PC) was birthed out of (and named from) this former space. Shelter50 PC then, carries forward this (currently more conceptual) space which seeks to be colonized by none, and simultaneously is open to diverse expressions and imaginative undertakings from within and without Christianity.

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