Warning: theological nerdiness ahead.

Buckle your theological safety belts, William Greenway, professor of philosophical theology at Austin Theological Seminary, is on the podcast talking about his books The Challenge of Evil: Grace and the Problem of Suffering and A Reasonable Belief: Why God and Faith Make Sense.

William starts with how he understands our current, contemporary secular condition as a journey from Aristotle to Descartes, and then Descartes to Heidegger and Levinas. It is problematic when we see the sphere of reality, as science described by science, as not just accurate, but exhaustive. Instead, we need to account for those experiences that permeate our existence but cannot be explained away.

Tripp and Bill cover a lot of ground in this episode, including discussions on:

  • the spiritual challenge of meaningless
  • what it means to love your enemy
  • how Nietzsche is wrong about reality
  • Trump, ethics, and Syrian children
  • original sin, the fall, and privilege

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