Jeffrey Pugh and Eric Hall have taken over the Theology Nerd podcast this week!

Jeff and Eric, authors of the Homebrewed Guide to the End Times and God (respectively), sat down early on Holy Saturday to talk about their books, how a young Assemblies of God Eric got an endowed chair at a Catholic school, and what it was like to be an original Jesus Freak with Jeff in the 60s and 70s. They also get super nerdy and talk about:

  • what is truth? and how do you get to the truth of God?
  • how do you interpret Christ’s return and make sense of it in today’s world?
  • what do Taoism and Meister Eckhart have in common?

For the rest of April you can get their books for $2.99 (and Tripp’s guide to Jesus) for Kindle and Nook. Or, you can go to and order the whole 10 book series!

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