This August, Tripp Fuller and Peter Rollins will be road-tripping across the middle of the country bringing Theology Beer Camp to Denver and Oklahoma City. You can go to to learn more, sign up for updates, and purchase tickets.

What is Theology Beer Camp?

Imagine the best party you went to in college, the best youth group retreat you went to in middle school, and the most nerdy class you took in seminary. Wrap it all together and you get Theology Beer Camp – a two-day event with high quality craft beer, high quality content, and high quality people. It is a chance for other like-minded folks to get together, socialize, learn, question, and celebrate.

What should I expect?

Expect to have fun, think deeply, taste amazing beverages, and meet new people. Theology Beer Camp begins with a happy hour and live podcast, complete with group singing, karaoke, and late-night hangs. The second day, you will get brand new talks from Pete and Tripp that stretch your theological boundaries, plus a final combined session and second live podcast. The schedule is posted on

Who should come?

Everyone! But seriously, there is something for everyone at Theology Beer Camp. There will be plenty of opportunities to mingle and meet new people, reflect and ponder new ideas. If you are someone who likes to think critically about their faith, someone who is skeptical about their faith, confident in your faith, or all three, then Theology Beer Camp is for you.

What if I don’t like beer?

We won’t hold it against you. There will be lots of other options for you to choose from if beer isn’t your preferred beverage. Don’t let that stop you from coming!

When is it and where can I get tickets?

Theology Beer Camp will be on August 18th and 19th in Denver, and August 25th and 26th in Oklahoma City. Tickets go on sale on March 15th and you can purchase them at But you better hurry, after Friday March 17th ticket prices will go up.

I’m in! How do I stay connected until August?

Follow us on Tumblr to get exclusive behind the scenes updates, videos and pics from the venues, beer selections, and to keep tabs on Tripp and Pete while on the road.