How do we, as Christians, interact with those people who raise our anxiety level?

Theological ethicist at Mercer University David Gushee is on to talk about his book, “A Letter to My Anxious Christian Friends.” This book was written before the election, and little did he know how many more anxious Christian friends he would gain after the election.

Gushee says that anxious, white Christians helped to swing the election in favor of Donald Trump. Their anxiety was crucial to his political platform, anxiety about:

  • the loss of Christian faith in the country
  • loss of white hegemony and power
  • security related to terrorism and immigration
  • the economy
  • the dominance of cultural elites who don’t share their values
  • political correctness
  • anxiety over the future of America as a multi-religious and multi-ethnic country
  • a country where authoritative white, male leaders are no longer in charge

All of that was coded into this election in one way or another. Donald Trump tapped those anxieties and made a winning campaign out of them.

When theology and politics get together people can get anxious. So this conversation is especially pertinent given out current theo-political climate.

Also mentioned, Changing Our Mind and his memoir Still Christian coming out late this summer.

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