We’re all Kierkegaardians, whether we know it or not.

So why not hear 5 reasons to let Soren salt your theological grub. Stephen Backhouse, author of the new Kierkegaard biography, Kierkegaard: A Single Lifegive us five reasons to embrace our Kierkegaardian inheritance.

Why go Kierkegaard? There is not school or church of Kierkegaard. He made sure that there could not be. Instead, he is the salt to your steak, the pepper to the sauce, the lemon zest to the beer. Kierkegaard will:

  • help you find the point
  • help you articulate what the !£%$ is wrong with Christianity in your country
  • help you articulate what the !£%$ is right with Christianity in your country
  • help you become a person
  • help you become a better person

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