What happens when an Episcopal priest Jeremy Lucas sets out to win an AR-15 in a raffle for a kids’ softball team fundraiser and gets it? What’s more, how do people – particularly Christians – react to his plans for the gun? Oh, and did I mention the the money used to buy the raffle tickets came from the church he serves?

Why is this post entirely in question form? I mean…ahem…

Lots of folks have suggested Donald Trump suffers from a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. So much so that Dr Allen Frances, the author of the criteria for the disorder chimed in to let us know what he thinks.

Then Amy helps us tease out what it means to be fully human, as informed by the mission and teaching of Jesus. She and her colleague, Rev Adam Phillips, have been doing a sermon series this summer on the subject, so we try to work out the question on the show.

Finally we offer some fresh fears to simmer over your ever-growing fires of anxiety, as well as a list of recommended songs, books and other media to help engage the “Powers That Be” in creatively subversive ways.

The gang’s all here and we’re back in the esteemed CultureCast studio for this episode for part one of this two-parti interview, with segment two appearing in the following episode, slated for about a week from now. Check it out, have a laugh, be inspired and challenged. Oh, and of course, hit us up on the links below, and don’t forget to drop a five-star rating on iTunes or Stitcher; it’s more important than you might think. Thanks!

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