This is an audiological taste of what happened at the first annual Theology Beer Camp.

During this special session of theological tailgating Philip Clayton and Tripp got all processy and talked about Jesus, God, creation, science – all while a cornhole tournament happened below!

If after listening to this you’ve got some questions about process theology you should let us know! We will be doing an intro to process episode and want your input. So send us a tweet, or email us your questions. Or, you could just join the Homebrewed Community (click, “Join the Community”above) and get access to the secret Facebook group and submit your questions there.

This session is meant to push process people towards Christian categories and questions, and push the Christian people in the direction of process, and to be heretical on both sides. This is meant to be really funny and serious constructive theology.

Phil and Tripp take classical Christian questions, mix them with a little process thought, and see what happens. They start with Jesus’s relationship to God, God’s relationship to creation, and the resurrection. Then they tackle the relationship of science and Christianity, the importance of the historical narrative of Israel, reverse salvation from sanctification, relational eschatology, and how the Jewish notion of Messiah is really processy.

Plus, Tripp tells you what two worldviews/theologies irritate him the most.

We’ve got a secret and we’re having a hard time keeping it to ourselves. If you want to find out what the secret is, you should really text BEERMEJESUS to 44222 to be the first to know what the secret is. There have been many leaks about this secret, and while the leaks are real, the news is fake. So to make sure you get the best information, you should text BEERMEJESUS to 44222.

Have we got some zesty news for you…it’s LIVE PODCAST time! This time, Tripp is heading up to Santa Barbara, CA where the Way Collective is sponsoring the Believing Skepticast at the phenomenal Third Window Brewing Co on March 2!

  • Will we talk about what is happening with religion in the 21st century?
  • Will we address navigating the tricky waters of faith and doubt?
  • Will we chat while giving a cheers to one another with a tasty craft brew in-hand?

The answer is: YES.

This is a FREE event, but you do need to register. Click here for more info.