What’s up Homebrewed Christianity Community & Friends?

Have we got some zesty news for you…it’s LIVE PODCAST time! This time, Tripp is heading up to Santa Barbara, CA where the Way Collective is sponsoring the Believing Skepticast at the phenomenal Third Window Brewing Co on March 2!

  • Will we talk about what is happening with religion in the 21st century?
  • Will we address navigating the tricky waters of faith and doubt?
  • Will we chat while giving a cheers to one another with a tasty craft brew in-hand?

The answer is: YES.

Tripp is just finishing up teaching a 4 week course on “Questions for the Believing Skeptic,” where he taught that the new postmodern situation is that we all hold both our beliefs and our skepticisms together. Whereas in the past, atheists and believers from separate camps would debate in the public sphere, today we often see hints of both schools of thought within the same person! Plus, as religion (especially Christianity) is changing all over the place, we need more conversations like this that help us stay tuned-in and promote more compassion!

Sometimes it’s easiest to give in to the division we see all over the place, but conversations about faith and doubt can help us see a different way to be together: one of unity in a fragmented world! That’s why a new movement is beginning in Santa Barbara to develop a community for those wanting to have fresh and transformative conversations about deep living for the common good. This movement is called the Way Collective, and emphasizes practices and values that create more adventure, wholeness, beauty, and sustainability for all.

Come hang with us as we welcome Tripp and the Homebrewed crew to SB! This event is FREE, and it will be a rip-roaring evening of theological zestiness! Your ticket includes access to the event, and your first pint on us! Sign up here to get your free ticket. They are free, but you have to sign up to get in to the podcast!

NOTE: Third Window Brewing is a family atmosphere, so under 21 folks and kids are more than welcome! Plus, if beer isn’t your thing, there are many great non-alcoholic beverage options at the location as well.

Doors open at 7pm for socializing and drinks & the LIVE Podcast begins at 7:30pm.

Peace out and see you there!